One of these things…

…is not like the others.

autumn colour
spring colour
autumn colour
autumn colour

Can you tell which photo was taken in Portland and not at home in Western Australia?

You always hear people talking about the light and the sky in Australia and I’ve always thought that BRIGHTER and STRONGER was better. But this last trip I took to Portland made me think that softer might sometimes be better. Australian light is harsh and unforgiving. I took a self portrait, next to the window, inside my room at the Ace Hotel and in it I looked like I was glowing. Not from some wavygravy source of inner peace but just lovely soft, gorgeous flattering sunlight.

  1. Christine’s avatar

    Stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest, love it!

    I guessed right! I think it’s more specifically Perth that has the bright unforgiving light, I think the light in Melbourne is different again.

    Also I have a little fascination with Portland, Oregon going on atm, is that the Portland you visited? I believe there is one in Washington too? Anyway cool things happen in Portland like this: & this:


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