May 2010

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From What Yaya Likes to here, Pin it Forward is making it’s way, day by day around the blog world!

My pin it forward board on Pinterest is a mixture of my aspirational home and my real one. Bits and pieces I have as well as those I deeply desire. Mostly it is about colour but as it turns out, what home means to me boils down to the bedroom and the kitchen. I guess that means that home is about comfort, whether than comfort is fluffy doonas and beautiful bed linen or shelves and shelves of vintage kitchenalia and good, good food. And a place all of my own to be creative.

midcentury office furniture porn via the Design Files

I love that feeling of getting into a freshly laundered bed. I haven’t quite pinpointed the exact type of sheets I like best. I was given some sateen sheets as a gift last year and while they are lovely, I really miss the crispness of lesser thread count linen. The white, fraying hotel linen at the Ace Hotel in Portland was perfection and if I hadn’t managed to stain them with a late night room service hamburger, I may have been tempted to shove them into my luggage and abscond. When I saw the classic Orla Kiely stem print quilt covers at a local store, I was almost cast mute, except for the occasional squawk of happinesss and lust. It’s the greatest luxury to be made happy before sleep and upon waking every single day, just by the sight of your bed. Whether it’s Orla or a handmade quilt or just the sight of your loved one snuggled up inside, a bed is home, even just for the night.

via Greige Design

I am very at home in the kitchen. Cooking is more than the act of sustenance. It’s a hobby, a meditation and a method of stress relief. It’s time to think, to be methodical and I’m not so much like that in the rest of my life. So I surround myself with beauty in the kitchen. It’s full of colour and texture and light.

via Design is Mine

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When he first died, I could barely even talk about it. I thought about it all the time but kept it all wrapped up inside. A few weeks later when I flew to Portland for the memorial I bought a new journal so I could write it all down. It was the reason I was going all that way, to mourn the loss of my friend, to make it more than an abstract idea. But I couldn’t do it. I didn’t touch pen to paper once. The grief was still too tight inside me.

Never before have I wanted so desperately to believe in life after death, in the concept of an everlasting soul, in the idea of angels and spirits and all that stuff I know deep down is bullshit. But in the days after I heard the news, when I wanted to talk to him so badly it tore my heart in two, I wished I could believe it all.

Goodbye friend

This has always been my favourite photo of him. Firstly because of the basic reason it reminds me of that day. We went to Multnomah Falls. We talked. We squished a penny. But it also encapsulates our entire relationship. I see the way he looked at me. We liked each other. A lot. But I also see the crossed arms, the reserve, the way neither of us could jump in with both feet. He broke my heart a couple of times when he was alive but the worst one was when he took his own life.

I love where I live and despite a vague yearning to move away when I was younger, I really wouldn’t ever consider moving. Yes, Perth is isolated and smal and has a terrible habit of knocking down old to build new but it’s where home is. I get jealous sometimes at how photogenic other cities can be so I went for a walk to find beauty in my own neck of the woods.

These were all taken with some AGFA Precisa, cross processed and scanned without any colour correction. I think it might be my favourite film from now on. There’s no great colour shifts, it’s just a bit more intense and reminds me of the Toyko Gratzy Vegas film that I adored. I have one roll of that left, I don’t know what occasion is going to be so special that merits it’s usage!

…is not like the others.

autumn colour
spring colour
autumn colour
autumn colour

Can you tell which photo was taken in Portland and not at home in Western Australia?

You always hear people talking about the light and the sky in Australia and I’ve always thought that BRIGHTER and STRONGER was better. But this last trip I took to Portland made me think that softer might sometimes be better. Australian light is harsh and unforgiving. I took a self portrait, next to the window, inside my room at the Ace Hotel and in it I looked like I was glowing. Not from some wavygravy source of inner peace but just lovely soft, gorgeous flattering sunlight.

art journal class

These are the first pages of my new art journal, as inspired by the online class I’m taking at Red Velvet Art. I’m not liking what I’m producing very much but that’s my fault, not the class. I am enjoying it though. I enjoy prompts and starting points.

My least favourite page so far is one that started ‘Deep Down…’ and I think I made it look so ugly because I found it so hard to be introspective like that.

Today’s page was my dream list, which is much more fun to think about and I really liked my lettering for this one.

Here’s a crappy picture of it.

red journal art class

This lettering was meant to be cut out of fabric but I didn’t have anything with me when I wanted to do this page so I started thinking about other materials I had with me that could be used instead.

So I used washi tape for the vertical parts of the letters and drew the rest of the letter forms with a posca pen.