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I love where I live and despite a vague yearning to move away when I was younger, I really wouldn’t ever consider moving. Yes, Perth is isolated and smal and has a terrible habit of knocking down old to build new but it’s where home is. I get jealous sometimes at how photogenic other cities can be so I went for a walk to find beauty in my own neck of the woods.

These were all taken with some AGFA Precisa, cross processed and scanned without any colour correction. I think it might be my favourite film from now on. There’s no great colour shifts, it’s just a bit more intense and reminds me of the Toyko Gratzy Vegas film that I adored. I have one roll of that left, I don’t know what occasion is going to be so special that merits it’s usage!

…is not like the others.

autumn colour
spring colour
autumn colour
autumn colour

Can you tell which photo was taken in Portland and not at home in Western Australia?

You always hear people talking about the light and the sky in Australia and I’ve always thought that BRIGHTER and STRONGER was better. But this last trip I took to Portland made me think that softer might sometimes be better. Australian light is harsh and unforgiving. I took a self portrait, next to the window, inside my room at the Ace Hotel and in it I looked like I was glowing. Not from some wavygravy source of inner peace but just lovely soft, gorgeous flattering sunlight.

A long weekend and a beautiful autumn day so we wandered slowly to have yum cha for breakfast (and lunch). Red was everywhere. This was the last public holiday for months and months. It always feels like you have to buckle down and get to work after the Anzac Day holiday.

For me, I start an online art journaling course run by Red Velvet Art this week. I’m nervous because it requires me to do something creative every single day (!) for six weeks, assuming I behave.  I thought it might force me into daily creative practise and really kick start my renewed interest in painting and drawing. We’ll see!