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I love this blog meme, even if I hate the words blog and meme. So there. Blatantly stolen from inspired by Abby! This has been my week.


Ink on my fingers, paint in my hair. Trying to do a little bit of art every day. Even if it’s shit, it’s still practise.


Cake, cake and cake. From the 150+ mini cupcakes and brownie squares I made for the shop’s party to a big old slice of coconut layer cake from Sherbet, I have been medicating stress with sugar and butter.


I re-acquired an album that was stolen from me so long ago. No Memory by No.2. It’s maybe my most favourite album ever. I wish I could tell you to go buy it but it’s out of print. Scour some Portland second hand record stores maybe? That’s what Neil Gust told me to do when I asked him where I could find a copy.


Fresh baby! Met my friend’s adorable eight week old kid today. She’s tiny and perfect and makes my uterus hurt! The baby I mean, not my friend. Though she’s pretty cute too.


Next summer’s clothing ranges for my store. I don’t much like viewing appointments but I don’t mind visiting this agent. They just leave me to look through the racks on my own. I hate those ones where the agent wants to tell me the story of every dress, every tee shirt and you have to feign interest even though you decided within two seconds if you loved or hated the piece.