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art journal class

These are the first pages of my new art journal, as inspired by the online class I’m taking at Red Velvet Art. I’m not liking what I’m producing very much but that’s my fault, not the class. I am enjoying it though. I enjoy prompts and starting points.

My least favourite page so far is one that started ‘Deep Down…’ and I think I made it look so ugly because I found it so hard to be introspective like that.

Today’s page was my dream list, which is much more fun to think about and I really liked my lettering for this one.

Here’s a crappy picture of it.

red journal art class

This lettering was meant to be cut out of fabric but I didn’t have anything with me when I wanted to do this page so I started thinking about other materials I had with me that could be used instead.

So I used washi tape for the vertical parts of the letters and drew the rest of the letter forms with a posca pen.